This book deals with the deepest and most sincere questions men never ask anyone!  Answering these in the means and manner that MEN want them answered.  What are these great questions that eat at the souls of men?  Try these on for size:
  1. Can God be proven off of a blank sheet of paper?  Man has rarely had a spiritual text to prove God's existence.  We should be able to prove God by our mere intellect and conversation skillls.
  2. The purpose for your life is proven to you in only 3 minutes conversation.  Something that everyone has agreed with the concept presented 100%.
  3. The proof of being in the presense of God and hell is presented in 3 minutes, told to over 450 people, of which over 85% did not know God, and everyone but one agreed with the concept.
  4. According to one spiritual book, man was said to be made in the image of God, so if man is made in his likeness, we exhibit characteriestics that are like God.  The book names 12 that all men need or want for survival.  Nothing that is food, clothing, shelter or a job - it is all mental in nature.  When these traits are determined, and later  matched against God, they fit so succinctly against the true God, like two hands fingers interlocked, and fit so precisely, that it must be the true God that you have found.
  5. The greatest theological find in scripture is discovered to revolutionze the spiritual discussion about God and proves the Bible to be the most cohesively and completely themed book of all-time. 
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Us and God
The reason for picking the web page is to show that the eternity of mankind's souls are in the hands of each of us.  We are all responsible to help one another seek out the truth about God.  It is a much better world when we are looking out for the best interest of one another.  We all need to focus on the important issues in life, instead of, the distractions that we all so easily fall into.  I want to possibly make a much better world for all to live in by giving some of the needed tools that I have learned over the past few years.  Even though, I have a degre I wish to be treated on the equal level as you.  It is my desire to discuss issues of G on a eye-to-eye mentality.  Not some supposed superior position that hinders a true and open conversation.  Best Wishes in our future to promote a spiritual awakening in our country.

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is February 29th. 
Video #1
Quest to discover the greatest textual evidence in the Bible
Join in the quest to discover the greatest textual evidence contained in the Bible. 
Video #2
Quest to discovery the greatest textual evidence in the Bible
Here are further clues as you continue your quest..
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